Great Gift Ideas for Dad

By Jamie Anulewicz

Father’s day is coming up fast! Not sure what to buy for Dad this year? If he’s a wine lover, here’s a few ideas we’re sure he will love!

I love the classy, sleek look of this wine cooler. And, it comes in several different sizes. Preserves wine by keeping it at perfect cellar temperature.

The innovative technology of the Coravin allows you to enjoy just one glass of any bottle, and keep the rest of the bottle preserved. This is great gift for someone with high-end bottles in their collection, who may not want to enjoy the whole bottle in one night.

This decanter is a perfect Father’s day gift. This happens to be the decanter I use at home, and I love the simple yet classy design.

And a few useful accessories for the decanter:

Dad’s more of a whiskey guy? How about some nice classic Riedel whiskey glasses? These also come in sets of 2, 4 or 6 glasses.

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