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Great wines that happen to be Kosher for Passover!

The Jewish holiday Passover is quite literally named – so it’s important not to “pass over” wines just because they happen to be Kosher. That’s why I say these are great wines that just happen to be Kosher; it’s much more appropriate. New techniques such as Flash Detente (instant pasteurization) have allowed winemakers to make Kosher wines that suffer none of the ignominy of their not so great predecessors. Every year I am blown away with the selection and quality of Kosher wine now available. Continue reading

New wines from Spain and an evening of fashion!

Every week we add new and exciting wines to our shelves.

So, what’s “trending” (to use the current vernacular) right now? It seems to keep coming back to Spain. Spanish winemakers continue to produce excellent wines at unbeatable price points. Ali and I tasted through a bunch of wines from a great Spanish importer this week and we found two that are under $20 per bottle and not to be missed. Continue reading

A little knowledge goes a long way & Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

One of my wine sales reps was in today and he told me about a friend of his whose father is an avid collector of fine wines. Just last week the father and son opened a very good bottle together. My wine rep naturally asked him what the bottle was and his friend replied that he didn’t know, but he liked it. My rep pressed further and finally determined it to be a very good bottle of Burgundy, a ’96 La Tache to be precise. To any wine lover this is a “once in a lifetime” kind of bottle that most will never get a chance to try – yet here was this guy that had no idea what he was drinking. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day at Premier Cru – We’ve got you covered!

When we opened Premier Cru ten years ago we had no idea what to expect for our first Valentine’s Day. I think we had visions of men running in with big bouquets of roses, grabbing a bottle of Rose Champagne and rushing home for a fabulous romantic evening. The reality was not quite so dramatic. Around here Valentine’s Day is a low key affair highlighted by handwritten cards from kids, thoughtful gestures and good food with our delicious wine. Continue reading

New Year, New Website, New Wine Class!

We’re back – Welcome to 2014!

We’ve been busy these last few months trying to make our little corner of the world an even better place to shop and visit. First big news is our re-launched website ( .
It’s a cleaner more functional space that is very user friendly. More importantly, it will allow you to track your purchase history online so you won’t have to remember the details of every bottle you purchase. There will be unique wines and liquors offered that aren’t available in the store plus special deals. Continue reading

Holiday Wines & A Champagne Event!

Madison Avenue is jam-packed with events this week!

Tomorrow is the Miracle on Madison event benefitting Memorial Sloan Kettering. We, along with many other Madison Avenue retailers will donate a percentage of tomorrow’s sales to MSKCC. I don’t have to tell you what an incredible place MSKCC is or the amazing work they do. Please stop by as I will be pouring some nice wines and we’ll have some chocolate from Vosges Haut-Chocolat to munch on. Continue reading

The Great Wine Shortage!

image4992b2b4ca0dYou’ve read about it on the news, seen it everywhere on the Internet – panic over a potential wine shortage. I’m here to tell you to rest easy. Yes, wine production will be down this year, most notably in Burgundy and Bordeaux where weather issues have caused the shortfall, but there will still be plenty of great wine to drink. Continue reading

The Blues and Rock n’ Roll of Wine

One of my favorite customers was in last night. He is one of my favorite cutomers because we share a love of music and our conversations usually center on which artist he or I saw in what club that week. Last night we started to discuss the Jimi Hendrix documentary that aired this week on American Masters (a must see for any music fan). He stated and I tacitly agreed that there really hasn’t been a great advancement in guitar since Hendrix. It’s really hard to argue against that. In Hendrix’s meteoric career he changed the course of rock music and guitar. Forty years later we are still feeling the impact. Continue reading