Events and Classes

We are committed to creating a fun, professional and educational atmosphere unlike anything you have experienced elsewhere. All of our classes can be tailored for private events, special occasions and a variety of group sizes.  Contact us today to learn more!

Sample Class Curriculum:

Wine 101: The Art & Science of Wine Tasting

Why do you drink wine? Do you struggle to find the words to describe the wines you love? Have you ever wondered what about a wine makes it so appealing to you? If you aspire to be more than a casual wine drinker, you must be equipped with the requisite tools – Because the more you know, the more intriguing, and fun, it gets. This course will arm you with the essential information you will need to begin your exploration into the world of wine and spark your thirst for knowledge. The journey of a thousand wines starts with the first glass!

This class will teach you how to describe the wines you like and dislike, helping you to better understand your personal palate. We will discuss how to systematically taste wine. We will also discuss the major wine regions and the wines they produce. Six classic wine varieties will be tasted plus a special surprise.

“Old World” vs. “New World”

No one can understand wine unless they know where it all started. This class will compare and contrast wines of the “Old World” and the “New World” to demonstrate how wine has evolved historically, the importance of geographic location and climate and the elusive concept of terroir.

This class will explore the historical origins of wine in France and Italy and the more modern wine making regions of Australia, South America, Chile, Argentina and the United States. A selection of six or more “Old” and “New” wines will be tasted.

In the Beginning there was France: Wines of the Old World 

This class will explore the historic French wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, the Rhone Valley and the South of France. We will discuss the significance of France in the history of winemaking from Ancient Rome to today, and why France is heralded as the epicenter of the wine world.

A variety of wines will be sampled from the regions discussed. We will explain the importance of terroir in France, and how weather and climate impart unique characteristics upon the wines of the region.

In the Beginning there was Italy: Wines of the Old World

This class will explore the Italian wine regions of Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto. We will discuss Italy’s unique history in the wine trade, the more than 200 cultivated commercial grapes grown throughout the country, and the DOC labeling system. A selection of regional wines will be tasted.

Wine in Context

Have you ever…

  • Planned a party without a clue of what wine to pair with your Camembert and canapés?
  • Tried to choose the perfect bottle from a restaurant wine list the size of a dictionary?
  • Questioned what the appropriate temperature is to serve your Chardonnay?
  • Felt clueless on whether or not to decant your aged Bordeaux?
  • Wished you knew the right questions to ask to find the perfect wine for your palate?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you. We will discuss the essentials of food and wine pairing, how to choose the right wine for every party, and the proper way to open, store, serve and age every wine in your arsenal. We will also teach practical tips for restaurant wine drinking, and the essential do’s and don’ts of shopping at your local wine store. A selection of wines will be tasted to compliment each obstacle.

Myth Busters

We know there aren’t really any alligators in the sewers, and a watermelon won’t actually grow in your stomach if you eat the seeds. But, can red wine only be paired with meat? Are screw caps the sign of a cheap wine? Do all wines get better with age?

In this class we will debunk wine’s biggest myths while teaching you important tips and fun facts about wine drinking and its history. A selection of wines will be sampled to prove, or disprove, each myth.